Hey there, Creative English Teacher,


Are you ready for


in your creative classroom? 


This last year took everything you had to give.

You've been supporting upset parents, scared students, and nervous administrators, integrating a half dozen new tech tools and figuring out how to teach an engaging English class without any of the usual go-tos you’ve carefully crafted over the years. 


After over a year of dawn-till-dark effort, it looks like things are finally going to start going back to normal. But what does that even look like anymore?


​You'll be helping your students find their motivation again,  and working on your own creative renewal as a teacher at the same time. Going back to almost-normal doesn't exactly mean this year is going to be easy. 



My friend, you deserve support.


​What if you had clear programs and tools that you could use each week to create a comfortingly solid educational experience for your students? (Not to mention for you).


What if you could teach with creative curriculum that helps you wake up  feeling confident and excited again for your teaching days


What if your work life was a stable factor in your day-to-day, bringing you joy and leaving you energy to exercise, spend time with your family, and fall asleep before midnight each night? It sure would be nice to look forward to teaching again. 


It is possible. 


You’ve probably tried some of the “teacher self care” tips floating around out there. But summer breeze flavored bubble baths just don’t cut it when you’ve been working for fifteen hours straight and your eyes and mind are bleary. You need a reasonable work day to truly take care of yourself. 


Perhaps you’ve been building curriculum alone since you began teaching, scouring the internet for help and guidance that isn't coming from your district. You’re not alone. But where’s the time to go through and turn all those saved social media posts into your plan for a fresh start in 2021? You need a blueprint, not an overflowing online shoebox. 


You might have attended a PD session or twenty online, and off. That's a wonderful start. But you need more than just advice. You need curriculum. Clear, creative plans that will help your exhausted, overwhelmed students re-engage. You need clear steps to put them into place, and support along the way.


I'm here to help you.

I’ve got the curriculum and plans ready to help you succeed, and the positive approach you need to give you clarity and confidence. I know how to invent solutions when faced with new challenges.  


We can do this together. 


For years I’ve been supporting the creative English teaching community with my podcast, blog, and positive Facebook community, Creative High School English. I love sharing creative curriculum, project ideas, and innovative strategies to help you make your work more joyful and effective. It’s my great honor to email 45,000 teachers every single week with fresh ideas. 


I’ve worked with We Are Teachers, Follett, Cult of Pedagogy, The Cornerstone for Teachers, The English Journal, Independent School Magazine, The European Council of Independent schools, Teachwriting.org, Read Write Think, and more. 


Every day I’m excited to go to work, because it means I get to help you and your students. 


It has been my honor to work with you in all the ways that we have connected these last few years. And now it is my pleasure to tell you that I have a bigger and better way to help. 


What others are saying...


What if teaching could bring

you joy this year?


Imagine if you woke up to the crisp air of the new school year,  feeling excited to welcome your students with your newest creative unit, confident that your instructions were clear, your tech was solid, and that your students would be proud of their efforts and outcomes. 


Imagine if you felt supported and inspired by the community of innovative educators around you, buoyed up by their positive energy and ideas, always knowing you could get help from another creative teacher when you needed it. 


Imagine if you had a solid, creative plan for school that would leave you space to once again enjoy time with your family and on your own - playing Uno with your kids, making dinners that don’t (always) come straight from the freezer, taking rambling walks with a new audiobook or podcast instead of an overwhelming load of work worries. 


Imagine having back-up in the storm. Knowing that when plans or situations changed at your school, or you unexpectedly needed sub plans for an emergency, you’d be OK. You’d have what you need.




The Lighthouse:

Respite in the Storm

The Lighthouse is a place you can go for ideas, support, and curriculum.


Inside you'll find fresh, engaging curriculum every month and the step-by-step guidance you need to put it into action. You'll meet other innovative teachers from around the world inside our community, and finally find the faculty room of your dreams. I'll be there, cheering you on, answering your questions, and helping lead the community in supporting each other. 

  • Get Access to Creative Monthly Curriculum - Amp your Engagement and Simplify your Planning

  • Discover the Power of Collaboration and Support inside our Community

Each month, we'll dive into a new topic. So far we've covered one-pagers and sketch notes, podcasting, discussion strategies, grading time-savers, literature circles, independent reading, genius hour, poetry activities, and more. All-inclusive access gets you allllll this curriculum plus everything that's coming next.


As you'll discover inside, I always ask our members for their opinions on what to cover next. We'll see what you need and go from there. I throw out ideas in our Facebook group, and then members vote on what would be most helpful. It's a great way to ensure that we cover what really matters to our community. 



Take a Peek into the type of Content we cover 

Each month, we choose a theme and I share curriculum and tips for putting it into action quickly and easily. Take a peek back with me at our podcasting month as an example. With five different curriculum sets to choose from, members could get their students listening to some of the best podcasts out there and then podcasting themselves. Many members mounted full-fledged podcasting units - what a delight it was to hear their stories of success! 



What's coming next?

This summer we're covering short stories in June, classroom spaces in July, and back-to-school success strategies in August. 



Meet two members, 

Kate and Amanda

Choose your Perfect Plan


Monthly access generally opens twice a year. If you'd like to join the waitlist to hear when the time comes, just click below! 



per month

  • Creative Monthly Curriculum $30 Value

  • Innovative Community Priceless

  • Bonus Programs: Flexibly Planned & Camp Creative $99 value

  • Expanding Creative Sub Plans Library $100 value





All-Inclusive Annual

As an all-inclusive annual member, you'll get your annual access PLUS complete access to all the materials going back to September 2020! 



each year

  • 12 Months of Creative Curriculum $300 value

  • Innovative Community Priceless

  • Bonus Programs: Flexibly Planned and Camp Creative $99 value

  • Expanding Creative Sub Plans Library $150 value

  • Full Access to all previous Content in The Lighthouse Over $200 value

Still wondering if these materials will really help? 

Let's not Forget about the Bonuses

While you may usually teach through your small illnesses like so many teachers do, you know that this year you have to call in sick for any cold or stomachache that comes your way. Between that and the likelihood that large chunks of your school are probably in and out of quarantine, wouldn't it be nice to know you've got a creative bank of sub plans you can trust?


In this growing library, you'll find a two week curriculum set in case you need it for quarantine, as well as plenty of daily options you can easily plug in in the middle of anything you might be teaching. 


Here's what's inside right now:

  • Two Week Careers Unit (in case of quarantine or extended absence)
  • Ted Talk + One-Pager Activity
  • Podcast + One-Pager Activity
  • MLA Format Activity
  • Scary Storytelling Festival
  • Silent Discussion Activity
  • Gratitude Poetry Tiles
  • Winter Holiday Poetry Tiles
  • Independent Reading Activity


$100 Value


When you're trying to figure out how to teach as cases rise and fall in your area, not knowing how things will change from day to day, you need flexible, creative programs you can count on. In this bonus, you'll have full access to the materials from my popular "Flexibly Planned" program that 500 teachers used to help them prep for this crazy back-to-school period in August.


You'll find help for implementing flexible programs that work in any scenario, plug-and-play writing curriculum that works online and off, an identity unit to help you build build on your relationships with your students as 2021 begins,  the how-tos you need for using templates and batching to save time, and planning and agenda templates to make your rollout easier. 


$99 Value

Who doesn't like a fun surprise? You never know what I'll pop into the surprise bonuses section. Right now it's a brand new digital planner for 2021 and I have lots more ideas up my sleeve. 


$50 Value

More Thoughts from Current Members...

Lean on a  Solid Support Structure

You Can Count on this Year

Monthly Content //


The engagement you want without the hours spent researching and writing curriculum. Each month you'll find new creative curriculum ready to plug and play. 



Flexibly Planned //

Full Blended Learning Program

You CAN deal with changing scenarios and hybrid models this year. The creative units, flexible programs, and case studies from my August blended learning program are all waiting inside to give you clarity and confidence as you head into new territory.



Creative Sub Plans //

Print and Go

When you need to hand over a sub plan at the last minute when you're sick or your own kids wake up needing you, don't worry. Just choose a great option from this growing bank of creative sub plans. Never need sub plans? Well, then you've just got an extra bank of lesson plan options! 


$100 VALUE


Join other Innovators

You won't have to go it alone in your creative classroom. A community of fellow innovators awaits. Participate in challenges, watch workshops, ask questions and share ideas inside The Lighthouse community. We're all about positive vibes and brilliant brainstorming.



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