​Let's start 2021 with creative FIRE.

So what exactly is Camp Creative?

If you're struggling to reach your students in this strange winter, you're not alone. Teachers around the world are watching sadly as kids turn their videos off,

ignore assignments, and drift away. 


But there are creative digital strategies that can help reboot your blended learning for 2021. Whether your kids are in person and socially distanced, coming in a few days a week, or entirely online, these options can help you

light up engagement online. 


This holiday break, I'll be sharing 5 ready-to-use resources, alongside quick videos to show you how to use them and make more of your own, in a fun (and free) digital mini-camp.


On day one, you'll get a brand-new edition of my popular digital poetry tiles (school-themed), alongside a video showing you how to make your own.



On day two, we'll dive into how to create digital stations, and I'll share stations you can use to help your students edit their own papers. From there, you can begin to make your own for any unit.


Stations are a fantastic way to build choice into any lesson, because students can choose the order they work in, how long to spend at each station, and even, in some cases, which stations to go to. 

On day three, I'll share my digital hexagonal thinking toolkit, along with a video showing you how to use it. Enough struggling through laborious online discussion, hexagonal thinking can make all the difference. 

On day four, we'll explore another great fix for awkward online discussion - silent discussion. I'll share my popular silent discussion templates in Google Slides and show you how they work and how to make more of your own. 

On day five, we'll dive into hyperdocs, also known as playlists. I'll be sharing a totally-done-for-you hyperdoc to introduce your students to sketch notes and one-pagers, and teaching you how to easily make your own. 

Will these resources really help me engage my students? 

You're not alone.



Hi. I'm Betsy.


In this difficult year, it's easy to feel alone as you work through each blurry day and fall asleep exhausted each night. But you're not. We are a community of educators, and our creativity is a respite in this storm.


I've spent this year developing online resources to help lighten your load and ignite your students' engagement, and I love sharing them. 


I'm an education blogger, podcaster,  and curriculum designer with over fifteen years in the field. Hopefully you're already part of the amazing community, Creative High School English, that I have the honor to lead over on Facebook, where over 16,000 creative teachers collaborate. 


I can't wait to work with you inside Camp Creative.